Recruiters. What else?

ifyouknowwhatimeanThis post is dedicated to all those developers they are being kicked too much with meaningless recruitment contacts through LinkedIn.

The point here is not being contacted, that’s great and it’s one of LinkedIn’s best features. The matter are recruiters using LinkedIn. Let me give you an example:

Yesterday I received a LinkedIn contact request. The requesting profile had many contacts in common with me, and it was not a recruitment profile. It was a CTO of a company, and from time to time someone contacts me through a common friend for a consultation. So I accepted. I’m not revealing that profile’s name, so let’s call him John. Some minutes later I received a direct message from John. The content was something like:

Hi, thanks for accepting my contact request. Please send me your cv to my email so I can contact you later. Regards Susan.

Think on it…
Yes. Read it again…

dude-wtf-is-wrong-with-youWTF Susan!!! Mhhh… It seems John evolved into Susan between the connection request and the direct message.
Also I still not understanding why the hell he/she (John/Susan) want my cv by email. We are connected on LinkedIn. There is all the information the same as in my cv. Thats LinkedIn for right?
And more important is, what he/she want my cv for. Perhaps they are checking my profile as candidate for an open position? Maybe. I don’t know and I don’t care about it in any way. Maybe if you tell me about the position I could consider it if I’m really interested in the position. Or not….

C’mon John (or Susan)! I’m a human being, not a machine even if you are contacting through your computer! Is it really that hard to say hello, be kind or at least polite? You are probably sending the same message to hundreds of candidates. Use 3 minutes to write a better approach message and you will avoid pissing off hundreds of candidates. Do some good to the world! Besides you will probably get much more responses.

Of course not all the recruiters on LinkedIn act like this one, but a lot of them does. And it’s annoying. It’s also probably the worst way to get a contact, because if it’s a normal interlocutor, the candidate will probably be pissed off, and those they answer with interest to such kind of message, are probably not the best hire.

The good part of it is that the good recruiters are getting the point and are looking for better ways to hire, with closed platforms where your cv doesn’t floats around. Instead the check the requirements of the position and only tell you about it if your are really a match. Then they look at your interests first.

Old school recruiters have forgotten that talent equals value for the hiring company. The company should attract the talent, not vice versa.
Besides this experience, there are other points where recruiters fail contacting candidates.
It’s common, they know the required skills for a position, but they do not understand nothing about developers motivations. 90% of open positions are offering the same things, and they take months to hire someone. All of them offer ping-pong table in the office, free coffee, multicultural team, young people, fast paced environment…
For the most of us (developers), this is completely irrelevant. It’s nice to have it, but it’s not the goal.
¿Why is nobody talking about the business, how the candidate will be involved in the company evolution, etc..? That’s because recruiters do not know a shit about that. Most of them still thinking hiring is like buying fornitures. If there is a fit between space (the position) and the length/width (skills), that’s it. Job done! Again, they forgetting developers are humans…

wtf_zpsabcdd14eAnd the worst recruiters I have ever met. They deserve a special mention. The greedy founders. From time to time, an offer comes directly from a CEO or a founder from a small company.
20% are great opportunities to learn and grow, and it seems they really appreciate you and they want to hire you.
The other 80% of them, are just people they don’t want to pay for a recruitment service because they also do not understand the process. Usually they offer ridiculously low salaries for absolutely unrealistic positions, to finally say something like: “Well I really don’t know about IT things. Have a meeting with my CTO to check if there is a match”. So, they make you waist 2 hours of your time and 2 hours of his CTO’s time for nothing. Because after 3 minutes of chat you notice they want a Sisadmin and you are a UX specialist…(just an example). A professional recruiter or the CTO  should do the first match to avoid time waisting for everyone.


For the record

  • Apologies to all the responsible recruiters they do a great job. We know you are out there looking for the perfect match. Keep the hard job and try to spread the right attitude.
  • Do not underestimate those 20% interesting contacts from CTOs or founders. They are probably the best positions (It was for me at Marketgoo)
  • This post is only and absolutely based on my experiences and the ones from friends an partners. This does not mean it has to be like this for you.
  • Update (Nov. 28): Here is another point of view from John Murphy at Lennon Wright: “Recruiters – a lovely bunch of people!”

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