My new adventure at

After finishing with Ironhack, it’s time to look for new adventures. The bootcamp was worth and I had many offers to join different companies.

The one that I found more interesting was A startup with a different approach to the SEO and website marketing problem the users have. Our solution is a DIY (do it yourself) web app where the users are being guided to his online marketing success.

My role in the company should be mainly to work on the product’s new features and maintenance of the old ones, besides to participate on the creation of the company culture and the product design. This is something I really appreciate. It was a big plus to join the team. But the best thing about this team is that we all work together so that everyone can push on any area. If you have an idea just share it.

Other team members are Wenceslao García (CEO), José Miguel Pérez (CTO), Roberto García (New business)  and Larissa Murillo (Marketing). They conform a multidisciplinary team that covers many key areas. We have a small team with a big know how and a market knowledge to be proud of.

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