Last week I participated as a jury member at Ironhack‘s Hackshow in representation of Marketgoo.
Other jury members were Abel Muiño from Cabify, José Álvarez from Style Sage and Manuel Maldonado from Lextrend.

As alumni it was great to see the hard work, the motivation and the evolution of the students. Even more because I experienced the same situation and I can imagine how they feel.

It was also great to see old friends like Fernando Moreno or Gonzalo Manrique and other alumni like Vishal Shahdadpuri.

CWhi59vWIAAxrL5As juror we had only ten minutes to evaluate every project. Honestly it’s not enough to do a detailed evaluation, but it’s ok to give you a slight overview. During this time the students told us about his project and we did a fast code review so we could vote the best projects. Our parameters were restricted to code valuations. Project idea, design or storytelling were not on the balance.
The result was a set of five projects to show at evening in the public Hackshow event.

Congratulations to the  finalists: Rubén Moya, Rafael RamónLara HoyaLluis Arévalo and of course to the winner Christian de Barrio.

But there is much more after the show ends. Some days after the Hackshow I’m still receiving messages from students asking about to deepen more in the conversations we had in those 10 minutes, to check his code, or whatever they need to improve his skills and projects. The Hackshow ended but those students keep sharpening his skills with passion. The show must go on!

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