Coding bootcamps

I received many questions from people they are thinking on doing a development bootcamp since I finished Ironhack, and more or less, the questions are always the same. I hope this post can help you to decide if you have to participate in a bootcamp or not if you are hesitating.

Why is Ironhack (or any other development bootcamp) important for your career?
I think this kind of coding bootcamps are designed for a concrete kind of students. Not everyone is prepared for it. I´m not talking about intelligence or previous skills. I’m talking about personality. Those bootcamps are usually short in time and long in contents, and if the course is good enough, the teachers will be skilled people they will push for a fast learning path. Where is the point? In the capability of the students to keep the track and make all the sacrifices they have to do to reach the finish line. Trying to complete these contents in 2 months means to work on it from 9am to 9pm every day during the bootcamp. In my case for example I accomplished Ironhack’s bootcamp with the following contents (more or less) in 8 weeks:


  • Week 1
    • The basics
    • HTML, CSS, JS
    • Responsive design
    • Browser development tools
  • Week 2: Start coding!
    • Git, Github, Gist
    • Intro programming and algorithms
    • Coding in Ruby on Rails
    • First test spec
  • Week 3: Clean code
    • Designing web apps and clean code
    • Data and relationships with Rails
    • Using MVC with Rails
  • Week 4: The agile way
    • Agile management
    • Writing tests
    • Forms and gems
    • Deployment of the app
  • Week 5: Javascript time
    • Client Side Javascript
    • Integrating common APIs
    • Advanced frontend with SASS and HAML
  • Week 6: Getting serious
    • Monitoring, performance, real stats
    • Advanced Ruby on Rails
    • Applying caching
    • Securing things
  • Week 7 & 8: The end
    • Advanced Workshops
    • Final Project
    • Demo Day

You can also imagine that obviously you can’t work during the bootcamp because there is no time for it (if you pretend to sleep every night), so think on it: If you are not working, and you have to pay between at least $4k, there is a huge economic sacrifice. But the hard work or the money is not the hardest part at least for me. The hardest part was to don’t have time for my family. During 2 months my daughters didn’t even notice they had a father. That’s really difficult to handle for you and your pair of course. At this point I think you can make your own picture about the situation and what I mean with “kind of students” at the beginning of the post.

Does it worth?
Absolutely. Yes, I know I said it’s hard, expensive and sometimes depressive, but the reward is amazing.

  • You will learn in a way you could never imagine before. In quantity and in quality
  • You will meet a lot of interesting people with the same concerns than you, and they enjoy his profession like you do.
  • If you work hard you will be prepared for the next step in your career’s evolution to a better job or just to do it better where you are.
  • Not only your career will be improved. Also your personal life will receive the benefits. The effort feeling you reach with such kind of hard work when you are done gives you a lot of impulse to do more things.

If I did it, you can do it. You just need to be enough motivated.
My personal experience is that thanks to Ironhack and my hard work, I reached all my goals in 3 months. This was my path: I like my job but don’t enjoy how and where I work >> I apply to Ironhack’s development bootcamp >> I receive a scholarship >> I quit my job >> After 2 months I complete Ironhack >> After a month I get a dream-job at >> I enjoy how and where I work and have a much better salary >> I’m proud of myself 🙂

More information about bootcamps There are a lot of them around the world, just google a bit and you will find thousands of them. If you wanna check for something concrete, I recommend Ironhack in Madrid, Barcelona or Miami. If you are looking for other countries, check out Thinkful.

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