Last week I participated as a jury member at Ironhack‘s Hackshow in representation of Marketgoo.
Other jury members were Abel Muiño from Cabify, José Álvarez from Style Sage and Manuel Maldonado from Lextrend. Continue Reading…

Recruiters. What else?

ifyouknowwhatimeanThis post is dedicated to all those developers they are being kicked too much with meaningless recruitment contacts through LinkedIn.

The point here is not being contacted, that’s great and it’s one of LinkedIn’s best features. The matter are recruiters using LinkedIn. Let me give you an example: Continue Reading…

Coding bootcamps

I received many questions from people they are thinking on doing a development bootcamp since I finished Ironhack, and more or less, the questions are always the same. I hope this post can help you to decide if you have to participate in a bootcamp or not if you are hesitating.

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